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Inspiration: Part II

(For the first half of my blog inspiration, read Inspiration: Part I)

That summer may also have been the summer my love affair with coffee really started. Not a single one of those road-trips took place without a large Dunkin’ Donuts iced French Vanilla coffee in our cupholders and nowadays, I’d quite willingly hook myself up to a Starbucks drip if they offered one.

My roommate had turned me on to DD’s French Vanilla and it was ‘our thing’. I dread to think how much of our student loans/part-time job earnings we invested into the pockets of Dunkin’ Donuts’ owners.

When I moved back to the UK, Dunkin Donuts’ was terribly missed. Interestingly, there used to be a couple but they didn’t last, although there were a few in Berlin.

In the past couple of years though, Starbucks has stolen my heart. When I was in college, Starbucks didn’t really appeal to me. I thought their coffee was bitter. My first Christmas back in the UK though, and those holiday cups took on a whole new meaning of nostalgia. I’d never had a pumpkin spice latte* but I really, really wanted one. The UK doesn’t even offer the pumpkin spice latte, but we do get gingerbread, eggnog and toffee nut so all is not lost.


Plus the peppermint mocha (which I know would make me really sick (all hot chocolate does) but doesn’t mean I still don’t really want to try one!)


It is widely recognised that I’m now a Starbucks addict. I come in late to work because I have to stop and get my fix. The baristas recognise me.

Most months I try and limit my intake somehow. I completely failed at a total ban for September but did much better at a Monday/Friday only rule for October.

I could literally drink coffee all day and night. I have three open bags of coffee in my fridge (full, half and decaf) depending on my mood and time of day. There’s even 5 coffee-related goods on my Christmas wishlist this year.

So, clouds in my coffee may be a good metaphor for life, but coffee is sometimes my reason for living!

*the majority of my high-school and college friends were kind enough to get married in the fall so my constant visits back meant I got to try pumpkin spice lattes after all. I didn’t go back this year though, so really need someone to get married again next fall!


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